My interest in photography began at a young age after observing my father who always had a camera with him. He became my mentor, teaching me about f-stops, film speeds, and light meters, and driving me around town to hunt for photo opportunities. After graduating with a B.A. in Fine Art with a Graphic Design emphasis I transitioned from film to digital photography because the general assumption among photographers was that film would soon be obsolete. I began a portrait and wedding photography business which I enjoyed for over 10 years along with teaching photography courses for local arts organizations.  But, I never stopped shooting film—spending my free time experimenting with antique box cameras, lomography, and testing different film stocks. I eventually made the decision to leave the wedding and portrait industry to pursue my other passion—graphic design—which I did until the arrival of our first child. The time off to be with our son gave me the opportunity to take a step back and ponder what was most important to me as an artist, entrepreneur, and mom and helped me find my way back to my roots of pursuing fine art film photography.
I occasionally post images from my personal travels here